ISMIS 2017, June 26-29, Warsaw, Poland

ISMIS 2017 Special Sessions

Special Session on Big Data Analytics and Stream Data Mining,
organized by:
Martin Atzmueller (University of Kassel, Germany),
Jerzy Stefanowski (Poznan University of Technology, Poland)

Special Session on Granular and Soft Clustering for Data Science,
organized by:
Pawan Lingras (Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada),
Georg Peters (Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany and Australian Catholic University),
Richard Weber (University of Chile Santiago, Chile)

Special Session on Knowledge Discovery with Formal Concept Analysis and related formalisms,
organized by:
Davide Ciucci (University of Milano-Bicocca),
Sergei Kuznetsov (National Research University Higher School of Economics , Moscow, Russia),
Amedeo Napoli (LORIA [CNRS - Inria - Université de Lorraine], Nancy, France),

Special Session devoted to the ISMIS 2017 Competition (by invitation only),
organized by:
Andrzej Janusz (University of Warsaw),
Kamil Żbikowski (Warsaw University of Technology & mBank S.A.)

Special sessions papers should be submitted in PDF form via ISMIS 2017 Online Submission System.